Southern CaliforniaSoccer Officials Association

Constitution and By-Laws (cont.)

B. The purpose and function of the area Unit shall be to recruit, train, and certify members in accordance with the policies and procedures established by SCSOA and CIF-SS, CIF San Diego and/or CIF LA. Each Unit may have local by-laws for administrative purposes that are consistent with the Constitution and By-Laws of SCSOA, and may assess dues and fees on affiliated members for purposes that are consistent with the purpose and function of SCSOA.


C.  Elected officers of each Unit shall consist of at least: President; Vice President; Secretary, Treasurer. In addition, there shall be at least two (2) Delegates or Directors elected by the affiliated members or appointed by a majority vote of the elected Unit officers. Term of office for each position shall be established by local By-Law, except no term shall exceed two years. Officers shall assume their office prior to July 1st.


D. Each Unit shall appoint an Instructional Chairperson whose duties and responsibilities shall include attendance at SCSOA instructional clinics and workshops and direction and supervision of the Unit training program for certification of officials in accordance with SCSOA standards. The Instructional Chairpersons shall meet such minimum requirements for experience, training and other factors as the SCSOA Board shall establish.


E.  Each Unit shall designate a Local Assignor who is a member in good standing of that Unit and shall be approved by the SCSOA Board, who shall meet such minimum requirements for experience, training and other factors as the SCSOA Board shall establish. The Local Assignor shall be responsible to SCSOA through the local Unit Officers, and to the CIF-SS and LA City Section through the respective CIF Area Liaison or LA City Section Athletic Office Director. The Assignor's duties shall be to maintain a record of the qualifications of each member affiliated with the Unit, and, under delegated authority from the SCSOA to assign appropriately qualified certified members to all scheduled high school games in the Unit area.


F.  Each Unit shall furnish to SCSOA and the CIF Area Liaison(s) and CIF Section(s) that they serve prior to December 1st each year a list of the affiliated members who have met the qualifications for SCSOA certification, and shall promptly report any changes that occur during the season.


G.  A Unit may maintain its affiliation with SCSOA only so long as it adheres to the policies, practices and procedures as are established by the By-Laws, or as may be duly required by vote of the SCSOA Board of Directors for SCSOA membership. Unit affiliation, payment of annual dues and other SCSOA assessments, and individual member training, certification and game assignment. A Unit which, by any vote, action, or reaction of the Unit Officers or members, fails to comply with any policies, procedures or other requirements that are established by these By-Laws or have been duly authorized by vote of the Board of Directors may be suspended from SCSOA by vote of the Board of Directors. While a Unit is in a suspended status, neither its officers nor members shall have any status within SCSOA and they shall not perform any SCSOA related functions, except as the Board of Directors may specifically authorize or make provision for. Reinstatement from a suspension shall be by vote of the Board




The elected officers of SCSOA shall be:


President (shall have prior SCSOA Board experience)

Vice President




A. The term of office shall be two (2) years. No elected officer may concurrently be an officer of an officer of an Area Unit. Officers shall assume their office on July 1stThe Vice President and Treasurer serve a 1-year term for the next election in 2013 and the President and Secretary serve the regular 2-year term in 2013.  The subsequent election for the Vice President and Treasurer in 2014 will be for a 2-year term and the President and Secretary in 2015 for a 2-year term.


B. The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected officers, the immediate Past President, and the Area Unit Presidents or their respective designated representative. The Board of Directors is responsible for the welfare of the membership, and establishing and enforcing policies, standards, and procedures for the implementation of the goals and objectives of SCSOA including conduct of the recruitment, training certification, referee assignment, and referee assessment programs.


C. The election of the SCSOA officers shall be conducted at a spring meeting of the Board of Directors. A nominating committee appointed by the President shall present a slate of candidates. Each area Unit President shall have a number of votes equivalent to the number of members in good standing as reported at the time as affiliated with that Chapter and dues paid to SCSOA. Each elected officer will have one vote. The Presidency shall be assumed by the Vice President upon a vacancy in that position. Other vacancies on the Board shall be filled by the President, with the approval of the Board.

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